Motorcycle Parking Update 2011

Motorcycle Parking Update 2012


ANDROID has landed!

After the raging success of the Motorcycle Parking iPhone App, the long awaiting ANDROID App has now hit the marketplace. This is a FREE app for all motorcyclists to download to their smartphones and is supported by the entire community contributing and updating over 7000 dedicated parking spots for two-wheelers all over Australia.


motorcycle parking


STAY TUNED for the new Motorcycle DEALER and WORKSHOP app launching on Android on 31 January 2013.

This is an Australia-wide directory of every dealer, workshop, tyre, bodywork and accessories store.

The iPhone Dealer & Workshop app has had over 13,000 downloads - we expect Android will dramatically surpass this number.




Wollongong council has now joined Parramatta and Blacktown councils who have adopted the "free car bay" rule that has been so successful in City of Sydney council area.


There has been some confusion about the CoS boundaries so we have developed a Google Map to illustrate the area.

Please note that Hospital Road and Mrs Macquaries Road are governed by the Botanic Gardens Trust and therefore DO NOT allow motorcyclists to park in car bays without paying. They do have several free motorcycle bays but riders need to feed the meters if they park in car bays.




One frustration remains with the survey of commuter parking areas at major train stations. It seems that even RailCorp don't have this information in their databases.


So we are calling on riders to help us survey the country's railway station carparks. We need accurate information on existing motorcycle parking; a map of the commuter parking area with an accurate count of car vs bike ratio.


If it is possible to propose new spaces for mc parking, we need photos and measurements of the possible bays. Note that beuraucrats don't like giving up car bays for bikes, so "dead space" is the best suggestion. It should be close to the platforms for security, with good lighting and a flat, preferably paved area. Metal security bars or bollards would be a huge advantage.


Please email MCN if you would like help.



Be part of the solution

We still need more riders to help find and submit more parking spots to councils around Australia. You can assist by putting one of these banners on your website or forum.

Click here for full instructions




Three essential apps:

1. Motorcycle Parking


2. Motorcycle Dealers

motorcycle parking app


motorcycle parking app

Marks all the parking dedicated motorcycle parking spots across Australia as well as carparks and some of the hidden "unofficial" spots.   Lists all of the Dealers, Workshops and Accessories Stores with links directly by phone, email and website.

Click on the red bike to go to iTunes and download the Motorcycle Parking App


Search "motorcycle parking" directly on your iPhone or iPad to install the app straight to your phone.


Click on the green bike to go to iTunes and download the Motorcycle Dealers App


Search "motorcycle dealer " directly on your iPhone or iPad to install the app straight to your phone.


3. Snap Send Solve

With thousands of mobile apps on the market, it is often hard to find the really useful ones. Snap Send Solve is a must-have app. It allows the user to take a photo of a road problem like potholes or spilled diesel; automatically identifies which local council is responsible and sends them the photo and a report directly from the phone.

Snap Send Solve app