Motorcycle Parking Update 2011

Motorcycle Parking Update March 2011


Over 1000 bays - nearly 7000 spaces!


Motorcycle Network has been working hard over the past two years to find, survey and log all the motorcycle parking spots in Australia. Our team of dedicated spotters is growing and we now feel we have most of the capital cities accurately mapped using Google Maps. With the help of the new iPhone app, spotters can now send us the new geocodes directly from their phone.


motorcycle parking


State by State

Year 2009 2011
NSW 1881 3123
Queensland 501 774
South Australia 493 589
Victoria 186 346
Tasmania 12 146
ACT 86 1283
Western Australia 393 692
NT 16
Totals 3552 6969


Huge inroads have been made with many NSW local councils. Parramatta and Blacktown Councils have adopted the "free car bay" rule that has been so successful in City of Sydney Council. All councils have been contacted for survey information and we have seen increases across the board for most areas.
One frustration remains with the survey of commuter parking areas at major train stations. It seems that even RailCorp don't have this information in their databases.


Special kudos to Launceston Council who installed 14 new bays around the city but the biggest bouquet has to go to ACT who have certainly been the most progressive in their transport management. (A big thankyou to Kate for keeping us all up-to-date).


Be part of the solution

We still need more riders to help find and submit more parking spots to councils around Australia. You can assist by putting one of these banners on your website or forum.

Click here for full instructions




Three essential apps:

1. Motorcycle Parking


2. Motorcycle Dealers

motorcycle parking app


motorcycle parking app

Marks all the parking dedicated motorcycle parking spots across Australia as well as carparks and some of the hidden "unofficial" spots.   Lists all of the Dealers, Workshops and Accessories Stores with links directly by phone, email and website.

Click on the red bike to go to iTunes and download the Motorcycle Parking App


Search "motorcycle parking" directly on your iPhone or iPad to install the app straight to your phone.


Click on the green bike to go to iTunes and download the Motorcycle Dealers App


Search "motorcycle dealer " directly on your iPhone or iPad to install the app straight to your phone.


3. Snap Send Solve

With thousands of mobile apps on the market, it is often hard to find the really useful ones. Snap Send Solve is a must-have app. It allows the user to take a photo of a road problem like potholes or spilled diesel; automatically identifies which local council is responsible and sends them the photo and a report directly from the phone.

Snap Send Solve app