Motorcycle Parking Update

Parking Update September 09


Motorcycle Network has been working hard over the past year to find, survey and log all the motorcycle parking spots in Australia. Our team of dedicated spotters is growing and we now feel we have most of the capital cities accurately mapped using Google Maps.


Specific motorcycle and scooter parking is still woefully under-represented in all states - except Victoria where they continue to enjoy footpath parking.


Sydney CBD has experienced a revival with the introduction of The Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy produced by Peter Thoeming. The trial phase concludes in November 2009 and we hope that other councils will pick up on the success of the strategy and adopt its findings.


Pubs and cafes in country towns are beginning to realise the advantages of the motorcyclist dollar - and by offering parking outside their establishments, attract more motorcyclists to stop. Some councils have been very receptive to this niche tourist market and have granted m/c only parking - while others still need to be "educated".


motorcycle parking


State by State


NSW 1881 spots
Sydney CBD has increased its number from 406 spots to 933 spots in just one year!! This is a direct result of the Strategy and the fabulous team in City of Sydney Council Traffic division.
Motorcyclists are now enjoying free* parking in all car bays across the CBD as well as a significant increase in cheap all-day parking in stations.
*time restrictions apply


Newcastle and Wollongong Council staff are also amenable to motorcyclists views and are working to increase their dedicated parking spots.


Queensland 501
Brisbane Council is revisiting their policies on CBD parking - helped greatly by having poached one of the key players from the City of Sydney Traffic divison... perhaps a replica of the strategy is in the wind?
Another 60 new spots will be added in a few weeks.


South Australia 493
Adelaide are also realising that two wheel transport is having an important influence on traffic flow and tourism. They have set up a system to help bikers submit new spots to be surveyed with this application form. They have also implemented $3 a day secure parking in many of the UPark stations.


Victoria 186
Melbourne now has 186 dedicated on street parking spots - many with security anchors. They are also the only city to have footpath parking and VMAC have updated their guidelines brochure to ensure that the impact on pedestrians and disabled people is minimised. If all users share the space sensibly, motorcyclists will continue to enjoy this privilege... while the rest of us look on enviously.


Tasmania 12
Thus far we have only found 12 dedicated spots in Hobart although the council seem very open to discussions. Reports from Launceston however, reveal a council that is very anti-motorcycle.


motorcycle parking


ACT 86
We are awaiting confirmation of the locations in ACT - stay tuned.


Western Australia 393
Our western cousins seem to have it the toughest of all. Perth and Fremantle Councils will not allow motorcycles to park in marked car bays at all. They are regularly ticketed even though there are no restrictive signs to warn unsuspecting riders. The single m/c bays dotted around the city are woefully inadequate in number and design.


Thankfully there is a core group of motorcyclists who are meeting and negotiating with the State government and the local councils to lift some of these restrictions. They have been successful with eliminating annual fees on bay parking; stopped the council installing ticket machines and increased the number of short term bays.


Increasing the number of dedicated motorcycle parking in the cities has an instant effect on the number of bikes filling the spots.


Less cars ... More motorcycles = Everyone in the industry benefits.


Be part of the solution

We still need more riders to help find and submit more parking spots to councils around Australia. You can assist by putting one of these banners on your website or forum.

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