Motorcycle Parking Update

Motorcycle parking now on iPhone

Finding a two-wheel parking spot just got easier with the release of the new Motorcycle and Scooter Parking Application for iPhone.

The Motorcycle Network uses Google Maps to mark over 1000 parking spaces on their website and now with the release of the new iPhone app, motorcyclists can find bays and stations across Australia quickly and easily while out and about, simply by looking up their location on their mobile.

Riders can download the iPhone App at the Apple Store or
Accurate information on timed bays or Clearway restrictions has been programmed in. Zoom can be set right down street level or wider to get an overall picture of city areas.

There is also a built in report function, so that any new spots, or any spots that have disappeared, can be quickly and easily reported by the riders out on the road. Precise GPS locations can be sent with just a few clicks.

“Local councils are becoming progressively more supportive of two-wheeled transport as a cleaner, greener transport alternative” says site creator Jacqui Kennedy “and now that we have all the existing parking spots mapped, we can work on expanding the number of spaces.”

Sydney and Newcastle, are utilising otherwise wasted space and marking it up for two-wheelers which will ease the CBD parking congestion if motorcycles don’t need to occupy a car space.


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Be part of the solution

We still need more riders to help find and submit more parking spots to councils around Australia. You can assist by putting one of these banners on your website or forum.

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