Motorcycle Parking Update Brisbane 2013

Brisbane adds 400 new bike parking spaces


Motorcycle Network have been busy updating their website and smartphone parking apps to add over a hundred new spots across Brisbane CBD.


Brisbane City Council recognize that motorcycles and scooters are a sensible transport choice for commuters travelling to the inner city. Easing congestion and solving parking problems has become a focus and, to this end, Council is installing 400 new motorcycle parking spaces from 2012 to 2016 to help cater for the extra demand.


So far 134 new spaces have been added, bringing the total number of spaces at present to 752. Some are metered or timed bays but most are free. Brisbane has not yet adopted the same policy as the City of Sydney where bikes can park in car bays without paying meters.


Many of the new spots are utilizing “dead” footpath space. Although no other state enjoys Victoria’s policy of footpath parking, Brisbane City Council has applied a bucket-load of common sense by mapping and planning transport needs of ALL sectors of the community.


Brisbane City Council should be commended for this approach. It has proved that a balanced view towards bicycles, pedestrians, public transport, two- and four-wheelers, is the fairest way to develop a Transport Plan for all its citizens.