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Add a new parking spot or changes to an existing parking spot:


The easiest way is to download the free iPhone or Android apps and send the details directly through the app.


If you do not have a smartphone, please email us with as much detail as possible.


Existing spots are all marked with a code - it appears in red as 3 letters and 3 numbers ie ANE143.
It makes our job a lot easier if you include this code. Please give us as much detail as possible about the changes.


Add a new Community Event:

Community Events must be for a Charity or non-profit cause.
They must be open to all motorcyclists to attend or participate in.
This section is for special once-off or annual events - not monthly club rides or socials.

This can be linked to either your own website or an internal page on MCNetwork.
All graphics and/or pdf leaflets should be emailed to us.