Motorcycle Network Tolls


When the Harbour Tunnel opened, August 31, 1992, that was the day we had our quarter-of-car-rate toll removed.

There is no separate classification for motorcycles in National or State transport planning.

They simply "forgot" to include us. We were simply reclassified as cars, for lazy convenience.

At the same time, the classification requires pushbikes to be tolled at the same rate as a car too.

The NSW Labor State government is forcing riders to pay for an administrative failure.


Then - when contracts were drawn up for private toll roads, there was no requirement to plan for motorcycles, hence no appropriate technology.

With no motorcycles considered in planning, all income derived from riders is "bonus" income anyway - no motorcycles have been included in traffic counts, so there was no cash projection that included income from motorcycles.

Toll road operators are just laughing while they gouge riders for obscene profits.


The toll rate is four times higher than reasonable.

Trucks pay more because they have a bigger impact on the road.

Motorcycles have less impact than a car - logic dictates that we should pay less.

With electronic tolling, this would not be difficult to implement.


Why do motorcycles continue to pay the same rate as a 4WD?



Stickers available from MCCofNSW



Toll information is for NSW and QLD only.

Other states are not yet afflicted with such pathetic incompetant laws or greedy private toll companies.

However, whilst Victorian riders currently enjoy free tolls, this may not last much longer - see Front numberplates.