Motorcycle Network Parking


In Australia, parking is governed by the Australian Road Rules.
When parking a motorcycle, park it so that one wheel is as close as practical to the road edge. (ARR 208)


In all States, there are local variations to the Australian Road Rules.
e.g. in Victoria, motorcycles are permitted to park on the footpath, unless signs indicate “not here”.

Victorian footpath parking Guidelines

Don't try this in NSW or any other state. They WILL book you for parking on the footpath.

ACT Motorcycle parking guidlines

FREE motorcycle parking in Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Wollongong.

All parking enforcement and allocation is governed by local councils. This is why there are no consistent rules across NSW. City of Sydney, Parramatta and Wollongong councils have all made local rules that allow motorcycles to park in car bays without the need to feed the meter AS LONG AS TIME LIMITS and other restrictions are adhered to.

Be very aware where the council boundaries are as Woollahra, Waverley, North Sydney and other surrounding councils DO NOT ALLOW free bay parking for motorcycles. We will continue to lobby these councils until they see sense.


Free Street Parking

No Signs

If there are no street signs for parking, then there are no restrictions, other than basic “access” rules for clear zone distances (e.g. pedestrian crossings, intersections, etc) and not blocking driveways.


With Signs

Basically, it has a system of RED (stop! - don’t park) and GREEN (go -“permissive”) signs.

The signs may also show time restrictions.

Pay Street Parking

Australian Road Rule 207 says “207(2) The driver must: (a) pay the fee (if any) payable under the law of this jurisdiction; and

(b) obey any instructions on or with the sign, meter, ticket or ticket-vending machine.


Pay parking is regulated by each State and varies quite a bit.


There are two basic different types of machines 
(1) those that use bay numbers and internally record payment and time remaining.
(2) those that issue a ticket


1) Bay Parking

If you park your motorcycle in a bay, then pay the fee. The fee is the same as for a full sized car.

Problem: It is illegal to park a second motorcycle in the same bay, despite the obvious and flagrant waste of parking space.

 The Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) (Road Rules) Regulation Sections 62, 67 and 72 states that:
"A person must not park a vehicle in a metered/ticket/coupon parking space: while any other vehicle is parked in the space"


Parking Rangers can, at their own discretion, pick one bike and book the rest - no matter who was there first.

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2) Ticket Parking

The ticket instructions require you to “Place ticket upon dashboard”. This is absurd. Do not do this. It is virtually impossible for a motorcycle rider to comply with  this instruction. Put the ticket in your wallet for later use as evidence.
Problem: There are numerous examples of tickets being rained on and turned to porridge, blowing away, or being stolen by car drivers. Buying a ticket is no guarantee that you won’t be booked for “parking without a valid ticket” or "failing to DISPLAY valid ticket".
Solution: The State Debt Recovery Office has advised riders to put the ticket in their wallet.

If an Infringement Notice is issued, you will need to write to the Infringement Processing Bureau enclosing copies of the Infringement Notice and the pay parking ticket covering the same time period when the Infringement Notice was issued.  This process should result in the fine being withdrawn, as you can prove you had paid. Or you can elect to take the matter to court and waste your time along with the time of the Local Council, the Parking Officer and the Court system.




DISCLAIMER - my lawyer made me do it.

All of the above is the opinion of a single person! It is not to be used as a legal opinion or advice... do not be silly enough to try and use it in Magistrates Court and say "but MCNetwork told me...."

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