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Protective Clothing

Those who haven’t come off yet don’t appreciate the value of good gear.


Sliding across the road, T-shirts and shorts get dragged off your body, or just roll up, ready for the big bitumen belt-sander on your pink bits.

Gravel Rash at the bad end includes de-gloving, where the skin is ripped away, like peeling off a glove, or an animal’s skin.

This is not cool, it means grafts and repeated infections and lots of pain.

You probably won’t die, but skin doesn’t repair well or look good after bitumen surfing.


Wearing gloves will mean you can do up buttons or other delicate tasks.

Wearing boots will protect your ankle and heel joints from shattering.

Good glasses or goggles will prevent loss of eyesight from stray flying objects.


Protective gear isn’t like a crash protection cage, its limits are fairly low.

It will save you a lot of pain, personal inconvenience and time off work.

Wear gear with good abrasion resistance and proper special stitching that stops it falling apart AND add CE approved body armour for the impact of the fall.
Most crashes occur at speeds below 50km/hr and in these, proper protective gear works well.

A high speed crash will exceed the engineering limitations of the human body, not just of helmets and body armour.


Cover your skin with good gear, SP 30+ is for protection from sunburn, but gravel rashed skin looks awful at the beach.